Mobility cares, Body Awareness & Mindfulness Relaxation

Trained as psychomotor practitioner and therapist, my aim is to aid and support people in their emotional and physical well-being by taking a holistic approach; addressing all aspects of an individual including cognitive, emotional and physical behaviors.

What is Psychomotor therapy ?

Body-oriented therapy, Psychomotor therapy is a allied health profession and discipline providing an understanding of the person as a whole: body, emotions & thoughts. Supported on a developmental approach – from babies to elderly people – the psychomotor therapist engages with the lived body experience through movement intention & the emotional states linked to it.

One of the specificity of the psychomotor therapist is to combine different body practices and techniques of self-expression such as dance, yoga, theater, relaxation, qigong … to reach a mindful body harmony.

In France this therapy is subject to a medical discernment and its practitioners are registered with the French Ministry of Health under the decree of jurisdiction May 6, 1988-n° 88-659.




Determined by your own needs, I provide gentle and mindful movements that maintain your physical capacities and support your self-confidence as you learn to move with more ease.

Balance and self-confidence while walking, movement fluidity, postural adjustment … Through the practice of specific exercises we will explore body mobility and develop new ways of moving.

Through an educational method, my practice is based on achievement of anatomical understanding. Our common aim is to identify and practice adapted movements suitable for you and endeavor to tailor a routine of supportive self-care.

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After a careful assessment of your personal capacities and disabilities, you and I will define together the goals to be reached and will work for :

  • Walking ability : balance and self-confidence
  • Go up and down the stairs
  • Facilitation of movements
  • Tonic regulation
  • Static and dynamic balance
  • Global coordination
  • Corporal axis and verticality
  • Muscular relaxation
  • Neuro-sensitive stimulation
  • Muscular flexibility and strength
  • Anatomical awareness
  • Use and arrangement of your assist walking material : crutches, stick
  • Management and prevention of pain




Moving with awareness allows you to reorganize connections between brain and body. Developing a mindful body, you will become more aware of your movement patterns and thus be able to break bad-habits and release old tensions.

In order to increase body empowerment, my approach utilizes exercises drawn from various somatic practices including Qi Gong, yoga, the Feldenkrais method, ground bodywork, muscular stretching, massage and self-massage.

Releasing body and mind tensions, relaxation exercises and breathing techniques are always included.


The body is not only made of flesh and bones. It is also the seat of your emotions and effective inspirations. Releasing body and mind tensions, relaxation exercises are added to the mobility sessions that i’m offering.

Based on breathing exercises, body scan, observation of the mind and emotions, positive visualizations…

Relaxation allows one to learn how to open calm and restful spaces inside oneself and for oneself.

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • manage and prevent pain
  • improve the quality of sleep
  • increase body awareness
  • learn how to open peaceful windows in your daily life
  • maintain attention and concentrate better

My relaxation practice is based on different methods such as the mindfulness meditation as well as on sophrology and on hypnosis-therapy.



  • Medicare Français in Earl’s court : 198-200 Earls Ct Rd, Earl’s Court, London SW5 9QF. Please contact the reception to book an appointment : 020 7370 4999.
  • Home Visit
  • £60 one hour session


Every Thursday @theAlmorahRoad Community Center – 58 Almorah Rd, N1 3E.

  • MOVE AND REFLECT 10-11AM suitable for all.
  • MOVING WITH EASE 11:15 – 12:15AM for those with limited mobility.

  • £10.




Please contact me for futher informations :       07 851 873377