Body Awareness and empowerment

« The body, as a place of perceptions, emotions, thoughts, speech and expressions is the one that belongs to me, it is not the body but my own body »   Françoise Geromini, Teaching manual for psychomotricity.

In psychomotricity, the body is considered as a whole. We thus work on the body made of flesh and bones – physical and anatomical – as well as on the sensitive body, affective and emotional.

To designate this whole body, we use the term corporeality which comes to encompass all the declinations of the body: real, biological, anatomical, physiological, imaginary and emotional, symbolic and relational.


By offering a practise focused on this corporeality, the body awareness workshops allow us to open a way towards a better knowledge and understanding of ourself, through our own bodies.

This combinaison constitutes the body-awareness and therefore the awareness of being oneself.

My practise

Passionate with anatomy and movement understanding, I worked between 2016 and 2018 in a Parisian clinic for functional and physical rehabilitation. Thanks to this experience, I specialized in the treatment of locomotor disturbances and thus enriched my practice in psychomotor skills.

In 2018 and 2019 I completed a training course at the Blandine Calais-Germain School of Anatomy for Movement. This training allowed me to deepen my understanding of the body: its anatomy, its movement and its deep consciousness.

Through home-visits or at the Medicare Francais, I offer a psychomotor practise and therapy focused on both physical and emotional reaffirmation.

My practice is open to anyone who is or has been enrolled in a care pathway and/or is suffering from difficulties such as:

  • Loss of locomotor mobility
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Heart and respiratory difficulties
  • Neurological disfunctions
  • Lower back pain and spinal pathologies
  • Postural disorders
  • Balance disorders
  • Lack of agility, coordination
  • Loss of confidence in physical abilities

Psychomotricity involves reinvesting the space of the body but also the space around the body.


Lying on the floor, standing up or moving, the body is explored in various positions.

All exercises are proposed as tools for exploring this corporeity and are based on various body techniques such as Pilates, yoga (hatha and Iyengar), Qi-Qong, methods of body consciousness (Feldenkrais, Calais-Germain), muscle stretching or therapeutic relaxation (Mindfulness, Sophrology)

«Everyone’s action unfolds in an emotional context: we move and perceive with our personalities, our desires and memories » Benoit Lesage

More information on my mobility cares’s page : MOBILITY CARES

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