From Clinical Psychology to Psychomotricty

Interested since my childhood in human sciences and mind understanding, I decided to go and study Psychology at Montpellier University (France) where in 2012 I obtained a Bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology.

I then went to Marseilles University (France) in order to complete my Bachelor degree with a corporal approach. I enrolled in a three year course in Psychomotricity and in 2015 earned the Psychomotor therapist degree that is delivered by the French State.

From Mind Cares to Mobility Cares

During my Psychomotricity studies at Marseilles I specialized in psychiatric care and did several internships. In 2013 I worked in a nursing home for the elderly ; in 2014 in a psychologic and pedagogic centre for children ; in 2015 in a day care hospital for people with addictions , then for several mounth in a psychiatric clinic for adults.

I then returned to Paris and in 2016 started to work as a psychomotor therapist in a day care hospital for functional rehabilitation that is organised into four departments: Geriatry, Neurological troubles, Orthopedic post-surgery rehabilitation and Sport injuries.

The two years I spent in this Parisian establishment allowed me to improve my practical knowledge in the anatomy and in the neurological functioning of the injured body.

London Calling

In August 2018 I moved to London to start a new career by practicing psychomotor cares. I’ll be very glad to meet you soon !